TheraJect, Inc. is a manufacturing stage biopharmaceutical company committed to the drug delivery including vaccines via dissolving microneedle transdermal technology.

TheraJect is focused on enhancing the efficacy of existing vaccine, enabling new vaccines and expanding the global market.

The TheraJect patch consists of an array of dissolving microneedles that create superficial pathways through the skin’s outmost dead cell layers, allowing transport of macromolecules into the viable epidermis.

The array is held in place by a traditional adhesive patch. The microneedles dissolve within minutes in the interstitial fluid, delivering the drug or vaccine pain-free way.

The microneedle components are selected from a broad range of dissolving materials, all of witch are either GRAS or have been used in injectables

The drug or vaccine to be delivered is mixed with the microneedle materials to form a hydrogel, poured into a mold, dried and then cut, assembled with an adhesive patch. This is simple process and automatic process as now.