• A TheraJect MAT system is an array of rapidly dissolving micro-needles in a patch    moulded
    from inert materials generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, into which the active
    ingredient has been formulated.

  • Delivery to the epidermis is minimally invasive, without pain or blood.  There is no “sharps”

  • The MATTM system is capable of delivering traditional drugs or even large molecules, i.e.,
    proteins, vaccines, genetic materials (DNA and siRNA), etc.

  • Current delivery profiles are rapid onset but systems can be designed to provide sustained
    release or patterned delivery.

  • Sensitive drugs or vaccines are expected to be stable at room temperature in the dry, solid state
    and thus systems have utility for third world applications without a “cold chain”.

  • Manufacturing conditions are mild and cost competitive thus can address very large existing and
    new markets.

  • This patented technology is truly enabling for a number of applications and can extend patent
    rights or market share for others.
DrugMAT and VaxMAT