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DrugMAT and VaxMAT

  • A TheraJect MAT system is an array of rapidly dissolving microneedle in a patch made from insert materials generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA, into witch the active ingredients has been formulated.
  • Delivery to the epidermis is minimally invasive, without pain or blood. There is no ‘sharps’ medical waste.
  • The MAT system is capable of delivering traditional drugs even large molecules, i.e., protein like insulin, vaccines and genetic materials (DNA and RNA).
  • Current delivery profile and rapid onset but systems can be designed to provide sustained release or desired delivery pattern.
  • Thermally unstable drugs and vaccines are formulated solid microneedle form and stored in the dry state. This systems can be efficiently utilized for world vaccine application without maintaining ‘cold chain’
  • The MAT patch can be applied on the skin self or parents without special train.
  • Scale-up process is quite feasible and manufacturing conditions is mild and cost competitive thus can address large existing and new market.