To use, a MAT is applied to the skin pushing the micro-needles through the stratum corneum, the
outermost dead layer of skin, into the viable epidermis. The MAT is held in place by a traditional adhesive
patch. The micro-needle array dissolves into the interstitial fluids that bathe the viable epidermis, thereby
delivering the drug or vaccine.
TheraJect micro-needles do not penetrate deeply enough to impinge on the capillaries or nerves in the
dermis layer like syringes; therefore, the procedure is both blood-free and pain-free.
MAT uses a transdermal patch with an array of micro-needles formulated to contain drug or vaccine. MAT
components are selected from a broad range of dissolving materials, many of which are FDA GRAS
(Generally Regarded As Safe). Drugs or vaccines to be delivered are mixed with the materials before the
needles are formed.
MATs are fabricated in an ambient temperature process that results in hard, sharp drug micro-needles
about 0.5 mm in length (a length which has not yet been optimized but which is easy to modify). The
materials used to create DrugMATs and VaxMATs are inexpensive, readily available, safe and stable. The
manufacturing processes and equipment are simple and amenable to scale-up, improvement, and
broad commercialization.
Because some patients may not be dexterous enough to fully insert the DrugMAT micro-needles into the
skin, an applicator device has been prototyped and is under development.
The passage of the micro-needle array into the epidermis, followed by the dissolving of the array, creates
micro-channels through the stratum corneum. These micro-channels allow further drug delivery from a
reservoir in the DrugMAT patch. The rate of delivery, fast versus slow dissolving, can be controlled by the
formulation of the needle materials, and the design of the patch.
DrugMAT and VaxMAT
are novel, unique technologies, protected by patents.
TheraJect’s Mission:
To bring a medically beneficial micro-
needle vaccine drug delivery technology
to the world, displacing traditional
needle and syringe delivery for many