Gary Pitts, JD, Ph.D.
Board Member
Dr. Pitts has 30 years experience in the medical
and consumer product industries and brings
broad business experience as a managing
director and entrepreneur. As a VP of Johnson
and Johnson company, he was responsible for
the business of the worldwide consumer products
group, approximately 1/3 of Johnson & Johnson's
$50MM corporate activities.
Sung-Yun Kwon, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder
He managed labs and pilot facilities in the US,
Japan, Brazil, S. Africa, France, England,
Scotland, Canada, and China. Dr Pitts has
extensive international experience, with senior
postings in Gillette Company, Schering-Plough,
Inc., Unilever and Warner-Lambert. Dr. Pitts
earned a JD in corporate law, taxation and
finance from Rutgers University School of Law
and PhD in Biochemistry from Louisiana State
Kumar Shah, MS, MBA
Board Member
Luke P. Lee, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board