Kumar Shah, MS.MBA
Board Member
Gary Pitts, J.D., Ph.D.
Board Member
Luke P. Lee, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Kwon has more than 19 years experience
performing transdermal drug delivery and
diagnostics field. He in the inventor of TheraJect's
proprietary Micro-Needle Drug Delivery
technology, and holds several granted and
pending patents. Previously Dr. Kwon was a
founder of PowderChek, Inc., a spin off of
PowderJect, Inc, where he led research and
development program applying the microporation
technology to minimally invasive, continuous
glucose monitoring. He has also been a Senior
Scientist at Pharmetrix, Inc and TheraTech, Inc (a
division of Watson Pharmaceuticals now).
Sung-Yun Kwon, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder